What Is The HarpendenSky.com Objective?
The campaign is not against airports per se. The focus is air traffic in terms of over flying commercial aircraft, private jets, freight aircraft or helicopters, and their collective impact upon Harpenden residents. The objective therefore is to reroute the increasing volume of air traffic currently over Harpenden on the lines suggested by the NATS TCN consultation.

For example, a significant proportion of air traffic over Harpenden is at only 4,000 feet despite "Government policy will continue to focus on minimising over-flight of more densely populated areas below 7,000ft" as stated in the NATS TCN Initial Feedback Report and there is further evidence of "cutting corners" to the detriment of Harpenden.
What is the Extent Of Harpenden Overflights?
The HarpendenSky.com aim is not only "cure" but also "prevention" by becoming proactive on the air traffic issue and its increasing adverse impact upon the town. The absence of protest or influence can be seen by the Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] and National Air Transport System [NATS] as acquiescence, which will be the case without the HarpendenSky.com campaign.
How Will The HarpendenSky.com Objective Be Achieved?
The campaign will include engagement of local politicians, Harpenden Town Council, the relevant airports, environmental groups, the media and central government particularly NATS, CAA and The Department of Transport. An initial strategy has been mapped out and there is substantial technical experience already available on the most effective channels for change.
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