October 2016: Luton Westerly Departure Changes Planned

On 6Oct there was a stakeholder meeting hosted by Luton Airport [LA] to confirm changes to be implemented that are planned to reduce the impact of airtraffic noise resulting from the recent introduction of the RNAV routing. This is a summary of the main points all of which relate primarily to increasing the height of Luton airtraffic on the westerly departures route which has generated the most complaints.

[1] Increased Height: In the short term LA are assessing the viability with NATS of implementing a procedural change that will remove a conflict with Heathrow airtraffic enabling Luton westerly departures to move from 4000 to 5000 feet.

[2] Increased Height: As part of [1] LA are looking to increase aircraft "rate of climb" so that when airspace is available they should be at a much higher altitude in the Harpenden, Sandridge, St Albans area.

[3] Reduced Overflights: LA are also looking to introduce the latest navigation technology that will enable the flightpath width to be reduced to 50M compared to 500M currently which will further assist in reducing community overflights.

We really need your support in continuing to complain to noise@ltn.aero when flights cause disturbance [flight approx time & date] & to engage your local councillors & MP to accelerate these LA initiatives.

June 2016: Rerouting Unsatisfactory For Harpenden Residents

The new RNAV routing for Luton Airport westerly departures has not been successful with a 45% increase in noise complaints for the first quarter following the implementation [Source: Luton Airport Quarterly Monitoring Report]. HarpendenSky has been in contact with Luton Airport flight operations, the National Air Transport Service [NATS] and the Department of Transport to progress the issue.

August 2015: RNAV Routing Implemented

We have received this Luton Airport confirmation of the route change.

"We've finally got some good news on our RNAV airspace application. The CAA have given it informal approval which means we can now make the relevant submissions to introduce the change in procedure, which should commence from 20th August 2015".

February 2015: Latest News On Route Change Progress

The Operations Director of Luton Airport provided an update on the RNAV1 trial outcome to HarpendenSky.com & the next steps to achieve a permanent change to westerly departures flying across west, central and south Harpenden - these were the main points:

- Westerly Luton Airport departure route [Brookmans Park] applies to 70% of airtraffic leaving the airport

- The new routing that would apply once CAA approval is granted will use a GPS rather than beacon system

- The RNAV1 trial in 2014 was successful & there were 1,400 participants in the questionnaire of which 90% were in favour

- An additional RNAV1 benefit of lower fuel burn is a significant bonus to environmental & fuel cost considerations

- The CAA is due to report on the application for the route change to a far more concentrated flightpath which avoids Harpenden by end March

- If the outcome is positive, then the changes can be implemented within 2 months

- Once this change is completed, Luton has confirmed that further routes will be tackled using the same principles.
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